About KBL


K.B.L specializes in providing legal consulting services for immigration, investment, etc. Incorporated in Vancouver, Canada, K.B.L opened its first branch office in Shanghai, China in 1996. It was one of the first international companies to provide immigration and overseas study consulting services in mainland China. In order to meet the growing demand for quality immigration consulting services in China, K.B.L established seven additional branches in Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Liaoning Province and Shanxi Province. All offices have been granted professional credential (immigration license) by the authority of Chinese government.

K.B.L’s team of sophisticated professionals consists of registered North American Immigration consultants, registered immigration lawyers, Certified Accountants. Together, this team delivers professional services in the areas of case designing, document processing, final audit, etc. Within the past decade, K.B.L has helped thousands of families successfully immigrate to Canada, US and Europe, specifically through the avenue of business immigration. K.B.L is well known among Chinese business elites and potential immigration applicants for its honesty, integrity, professionalism, efficiency, and high success rate. Today, K.B. & Li Associates Consultants Inc. is the most professional and powerful immigration consulting firm within the Business Immigration field.

K.B.L provides professional and extensive consulting services for immigration applicants. The company has expanded the business domain from the consulting services such as North American Immigration, Europe Immigration, Overseas Study and other types of visa processing, to real estate, finance, and education consulting services. K.B.L. is the only immigration consulting institution that owns real estate properties in both Canada and China, among all Chinese counterparts. The company not only owns 600 square metres of office buildings in downtown Shanghai, China, but also owns the Chinese Commerce Center (15,000m 2) in Saint John, New Brunswick, which is the second largest city in Eastern Canada. The Chinese Commerce Centre is comprised of three major buildings and hosts many entities such as a snack bar, a multifunction room, a business lounge, office clusters, English School and an immigration service centre. The Chinese Commerce Centre finished renovation in December 2005, and is now officially open to the public. With the support of both the provincial and municipal governments, K.B. L. is also building a dynamic Chinese community in New Brunswick, Canada.

K.B.L has worked hard to build reputable and honest relationship with the government, Immigration Bureau, Embassy and Consulate Generals, and many higher education institutions of Canada, US and Europe. K.B.L has also nurtured close working relationship with the provincial government and local business development agencies across North America and Europe. K. B. L. is constantly building and strengthening a reliable, and extensive, business network. The company is employing its own immigration services network to assist more and more Chinese immigration applicants to immigrate and to successfully integrate into local life and culture.

Our Team of Professionals


Ms. Shirley Bin Liu

Vice President of K.B. Li Associates Consultants (Canada) Ltd. and North American Chartered Accountant. Ms. Liu is very familiar with North American Immigration processing and has often been invited by Immigration Canada to participate in the revision of documents. \Ms. Liu is chiefly responsible for program devising and document processing for Investor Immigration class and Entrepreneur Immigration class files. Ms. Liu is an expert in North American and Chinese financial systems and by-laws. She has been invited by the Association of North America Chartered Accountants to lecture a senior accounting course for Chinese applicants who are pursuing the North American Chartered Accountants credential. Ms. Liu resides in Shanghai, China.

Mr. Gillies Cyr

Mr. Gillies Cyr was Director of the Bureau of Quebec Immigration in Hong Kong until he left that post in 2006. Mr. Cyr is very familiar with the procedures related to immigration files from China for Immigration to Quebec. He knows very well the features of Chinese applicants as well as any pitfalls in their immigration files. The Bureau of Quebec Immigration in Hong Kong, formerly led by Mr. Cyr, processes more than a thousand immigration files per year from all areas of Asia.

Mr. Mathleu Simard

Senior Consultant, recognized by the Court of Quebec as a superior immigration officer. Mr. Simard specializes in dealing with Economic Class Immigration (investor's class, entrepreneur class, and self employment class), and skill worker class immigration. Mr. Simard had worked in Middle East, Asia and South Africa, and is now working substantially in Hong Kong.

Honours and Rewards


K.B.L. was recognized as one of New Brunswick’s most innovative companies on October 16th, 2006. This is a top honour awarded by the Canadian Government to an immigration company. This award acknowledges the long-time success of K.B.L in the immigration service industry.